Training in SPOKEN ENGLSIH is provided to the students who want to improve their prospects in the educational and professional world. In India and developed countries like USA, UK,CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEWZEALAND, SINGAPORE and many more English is the official business language. To survive in the above countries, one require at least working knowledge of English language. Speaking English is a must in hospitality industry in India and abroad. For basic jobs one needs to interact in English with the customers and colleagues. We at ASHWINI PRADHAN GERMAN prepare students and general people including house makers to learn SPOKEN ENGLISH. People who can speak good English feel confident and can compete with others. Their ability to communication in English helps them to remove impediment in their growth.

We have faculty who make the students comfortable as they use vernacular languages such as Gujarati or Hindi to teach. In our institute top class facilities are provided including learning material to students at a very reasonable cost. We help people to build their careers….