University Admissions In Germany

University Admissions in German

Student & Parent counselling and Course Selection:
There are numerous courses in the field of for Engineering, Technology, Pure Science, pharmacology and Management studies in Germany. It is requires one to choose the right course keeping in mind a student’s profile, financial capability, future aspirations and goals. We help the student make the right choice that safeguards the student from rejections and loss of precious time and money.

Comparison with other Countries

We shall present alternate choice of courses available in other countries to the against a German University course. Student and parents get a view of comparison regards to the quality of education, Cost involved, job prospects after studying and overview of the situation of the two or more countries.

Why Do You Need Ashwini Pradhan German's Advice On Admissions?

There are more than 600 names of the universities in the available across the world in the database. Each one has particular criteria for providing admission to the students. We guide the students to select the university according to the choice of country of destination, preferred course, and financial capability of the student/parent and best possibility of the student getting admission, so that precious time and money is not wasted in application process.